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"We care for you in your home" aims to preserve the health of the patient, and take care of him in his home among his family. "We care for you at home" provides you with 30 years of experience in consulting specialities in all medical fields. The Home Care Program consists of an integrated medical staff, which strives uniquely to provide comprehensive and continuous health care services that suit your health needs and to ensure the effectiveness of integrated treatment support at home and in a timely manner, in accordance with local, regional and global health quality standards.

One Minute Awareness

A minute of awareness, a minute of experience, a minute of responsibility, to easily receive medical health information through a specialized awareness program. Through it, Kingdom Hospital seeks to enhance its role in consolidating the value of constructive national participation to achieve the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 related to empowering the role of social responsibility in development.

The Awareness Minute program comes as part of an awareness campaign aimed at enhancing the social responsibility role of Kingdom Hospital in spreading awareness and introducing the medical staff that characterizes Kingdom Hospital and consulting clinics. The program also works to promote medical and creative content through social media channels, to be integrated with the (Live Health) program implemented by the Ministry of Health.


The dialysis center at Kingdom Hospital is equipped according to the latest scientific and technological standards and specifications in the field of dialysis, with full commitment to apply infection control standards. The center's services include hospital inpatients and outpatients, at the hands of experienced consultants in the field of specialization. The center is accredited by the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Facilities. Careful

From the hospital to provide privacy and complete comfort to the patient, the center has allocated a private entrance and parking spaces within steps; In addition to the allocation of a special room for each patient who receives treatment and his service is supervised by his own nurse.

Nawarti Program

Kingdom Hospital has devoted a lot of care and attention to women, because they are considered half of the society that builds the other half.

The Norte program was launched to support community efforts and form a successful and happy family bond. Kingdom Hospital has provided a set of integrated health programs and packages in the field of maternal and child care to create a happy family, such as: a package of consultations for those who are about to get married, a program for preparing pregnant women, a program for preparing for a natural childbirth, and a program for breastfeeding counseling.

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