Patient Guide

Addmission Informations

To help make your stay at Kingdom Hospital as comfortable as possible.
Admission Information:
Kingdom Hospital’s physicians and outside doctors with admitting privileges are the only ones allowed to hospitalize a patient at Kingdom Hospital. Once your doctor decides that you need hospitalization, he will fill for you an Admission Slip and Consent for Surgery Form if need be, to take it to the admission office for further processing. In rare occasions, the stay of another patient maybe unexpectedly extended which may cause admission to be sometimes delayed. If you are requested to delay your entry into the hospital we ask for your understanding for these medical priorities.
Kingdom Hospital Admission Offices:
Kingdom Hospital has two admission offices:
- Main admission office (Ground Floor) - opens from 7:30 a.m till 10:30 p.m Saturdays through Thursdays. Fridays 10:00 a.m till 6:00 p.m.
- Emergency unit admission office (Ground Floor – ER entrance) - opens 24 hours, 7 days/week.
Documents to be brought by the patient for admission:
In order to smoothly expedite your admission, please bring the following documents with you:
- Personal ID card d
- Admission slip filled by the admitting physician (for Obstetrics and Gynecology patients)
- Insurance Card, if you are insured, or authorization/referral form or letter from the guarantor to confirm the coverage in case the patient is a non-self payer
If you do not have a registered file in our hospital then the admitting officer will create a medical record/account in the patients’ registration system.
Elective Admissions:
Patients are generally admitted from 7:30 a.m to 10:30 p.m on a daily basis. Patients who have surgical operations will be asked by their physician to sign a Special Procedure Consent Form. They will be later contacted by the surgical coordinator to confirm surgery date and time, and to arrange for anesthesia pre-operative assessment few days before the surgery.
Financial Arrangements for Elective Admissions:
If you were a self-paying patient, you will be asked by the admission office to pay a deposit for the estimated cost of your hospitalization at Kingdom Hospital. Any over payment will be refunded upon your discharge. If your stay at the hospital is a prolonged one, a bill will be distributed to you periodically and you are expected to settle it accordingly. Bills are payable in cash or by credit card. Please, always keep the receipts you get from the admission office at Kingdom Hospital. The admission officers are always ready to answer any questions concerning hospitalization fees. .
If you were an insured patient, then prior to admission, the Business Office shall get a written approval from your insurance company. This preauthorization is needed as it specifies the services covered length of stay, ceiling for coverage and the type of room that you will be admitted to. If your insurance policy or your letter from the corporation/guarantor partially covers the cost of your hospitalization, you will be asked to pay a deposit equivalent to your share of deductible or co-payment. Any over payment will be refunded at the time of discharge.
Patients who are going to undergo a procedure/surgery at Kingdom Hospital have to report to the admission office before 8:00 PM a day before the operation for finalizing admission clearance.
Emergency Admissions:
The emergency unit doctors and nursing staff are present all day and night to take care of our patients without delay. Once the patient is in the emergency room, he will be seen by a physician. Patients may wish to have a consultant from KHCC medical staff or a consultant with admission privileges at Kingdom Hospital. The relatives of the patient will be referred to the admission office to complete the admission formalities.
Financial Arrangement for Emergency Admissions:
If you were a self-paying patient, you will be asked by the admission office to pay a deposit for the estimated cost of your hospitalization at Kingdom Hospital. Any over payment will be refunded upon your discharge. Insured/corporate patients are admitted upon showing their insurance card or ID but a confirmed authorization from the insurance company/guarantor is needed which will be obtained by the business office. If the patient is partially covered by insurance/corporate then the admission office will ask him to deposit an amount equivalent to his share of the estimated cost of hospitalization. .
Patients admitted through the emergency room will be asked to sign a Medical Consent for General Treatment Form and will be given an identification bracelet to wear, which allows staff members to identify them.


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