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Celebration of the World Patient Safety Day
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17 Sep 2020
The Kingdom Hospital and Consulting Clinics in alignment with the World Health Organization is celebrating the World Patient Safety Day on September 17, 2020 (Thursday, Muharram 29, 1442) with the slogan "Safe health workers, Safe patients." Patient safety is essential in providing high-quality basic health services and the safety of health workers is considered a priority in ensuring patient safety. In this context, Kingdom Hospital and Consulting Clinics organize many important activities and events related to the safety of patients and health workers, including Patient Safety symposium with topics related to ensuring health and safety of healthcare workers as an importance aspect for safe care of patients. The activities also include intensifying awareness of patients about all areas related to their safety during a visit to outpatient clinics, to Emergency department and their admission to the hospital communicated to them through the social media accounts of KHCC. On the same day, the hospital will also receive patients in the main building lobby in the morning to intensify awareness and distribute educational publications to them along with gifts related to ways to maintain their safety while they are in the health facilities. KHCC senior management will also honor health workers, especially those who served patients during the COVID pandemic. In the same context, a symposium entitled “Safe health workers, Safe patients” will be conducted. The symposium aims to raise awareness of the importance of health workers ’safety and its links to patient safety. Speakers for this symposium are different consultants working in KHCC like Dr. Fadi Al Sous, Consultant Cardiologist who will present a set of instructions on how to take care of the heart; Dr. Abdullah Bukhari, Infection Control Consultant will give a lecture on Infection Prevention and Control while Quality expert, Mrs. Zenen Ribay-Menor will present a lecture on coping with stress, working with Emotional Intelligence and ways to deal with difficult people.

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Celebration of the World Patient Safety Day   17 Sep 2020

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