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The Division of Dermatology at Kingdom Hospital-Consulting Clinics Group is devoted to excellence in patient care. Its role is to deliver the best quality of medical services similar to those offered in major centers worldwide.
Our services:
Treatment of Skin, Hair and Nail disorders
We are specialized in treatment of skin, hair and nail disorders along with the treatment of infectious and venerelogical diseases.
Dermatologic Surgeries
We perform various dermatologic surgery procedures, which include surgical removal of skin cancers, moles, warts, and various other skin lesions
Cosmetic Dermatology:
• Laser Hair Removal 
• Laser treatment of pigmented lesions (eg, freckles, moles,..) and tattoos
• Botox Injections (for wrinkle reduction or excess of sweat)
• Soft tissue Fillers for the removal of lines and wrinkles (hyaluronic acid, fat, new fill etc…)
• Chemical peeling
• Laser treatment of facial veins and leg veins as well as any vascular (red) spots.
• Sclerotherapy for the treatment of leg veins
• Non ablative skin rejuvenation using laser and without need for surgery
Facial Treatments
• Microdermabrasion (crystal peel)
• Medical Facials of various types



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