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  Pharmacy is related to health since. It is the profession responsible for the preparation, dispensing and services to achieve the optimal therapeutic outcomes

  • Pharmacy Services at kingdom Hospital utilizes the guidance and direction described

   In the hospitals:



         Core Values as the basis for Practice/ Plan of Care document

•To provide the highest quality of pharmaceutical care available through a philosophy of “Best Practice”

  • Best Practice:

Determined by using evidence based decision . The provision of care should be collaborative and inter-disciplinary in nature

  •  Mission

Provide comprehensive pharmaceutical Services & proper education that prepares pharmacists to assure an active role in providing skills & compassionate patient care that improves the health & quality of life.

  •    Vision

To be the best possible pharmaceutical center in the area for excellent pharmaceutical care & training.


A pharmacist’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safe, effective, and economical use of prescribed medications and to verify the validity of prescriptions in order to satisfy the provisions of the law. In addition, a pharmacist consults with patients and health practitioners, monitors and evaluates drug therapy, teaches, conducts research, and ensures that all patients understand the proper use and storage of medications.


Role of pharmacy staff

•Pharmacy technicians

Skilled in practical or mechanical aspects

Perform routine, day-to-day functions that do not require judgment of pharmacist

•repackaging medications

•maintaining medication inventory


–Responsible for technicians’ activities & performance

–Engage in activities that require professional judgment

–Educating patients about their medications

–Suggesting medication alternatives to physicians













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