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Mammogram is the process of using low-dose x-ray in order to examine human breast.


Why do we use mammogram?

  • Screening Mammogram is requested for women that do not complain of any breast abnormalities. Usually, It is performed for the early detection of breast cancer. Studies have shown that having regular mammograms increases a woman's chances of finding breast cancer in an early stage, when it is more likely to be curable. It has been estimated that a mammogram may find a cancer as much as two years before it can be felt. Screening mammograms are not usually recommended for women under age 35 who have no special risk factors and a normal physical breast examination. Below age 35, breasts tend to be "radiographically dense," which means it is difficult to see many details.
  • Diagnostic Mammogram is requested for the evaluation of new abnormalities or for patients with a past abnormality and requires follow-up such as a lump, discharge from the nipple, or unusual tenderness in one area. The cause of the problem may be definitively diagnosed from this study, but further investigation using other methods i.e. ultrasonogram may be necessary and it is used more and more even in routine cases.



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