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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
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The department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Kingdom Hospital and Consulting Clinics deals with different kinds of pathologies offering our patients (adults and children) adequate treatment relative to his/her case, whether traumatic, orthopedic, neurological, rheumatic, pediatric, pulmonary, gynecological, post-surgical or just pain management


Our products and services include:

  1. A big gym equipped with machines for cardiovascular, strengthening, stretching and proprioseptive means (treadmill, bicycle, universal gym, stepper, fitter, gym balls, freeman balance board, mini-trampoline, mats, shoulder wheel, weights and dumbbells and poulie-therapy).
  2. Hydrotherapy with a hydro-lift to access to pool easily. This provides for patients a superior environment for progressive early intervention exercise and activity.
  3. Electrotherapy (ultra-sound, trans-electrical nerve stimulation, electrostimulation, iontophoresis, diadynamic, interferential, laser and short waves).
  4. Traction (cervical and lumber).
  5. Continuous passive motion machines CPM.
  6. Physical agents (paraffin wax, heat and cryotherapy).
  7. Massage (including manual lymphatic drainage, deep massage Cyriax).
  8. Mobilization techniques (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation PNF, active, passive, myofacial stretching).
  9. Posture education: how to take back care and how to lift safely. Including ergonomic interventions-advice how to set up your workstation properly.
  10. Prenatal class: includes breathing techniques, relaxation, positioning and stretching.
  11. Postnatal class: to regain your figure and improve your posture.
  12. Pain management program: it’s program that is given by the physician and physical therapist to assist the patient to adjust to their pain, increase their activity and fitness levels and learn coping strategies to help them cope on a daily basis.
  13. Physical support items or braces available for purchase.


Categories of patients who benefit from our services:

  1. Athletes and patients with sports injuries (anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, menisectomy, soft tissue injuries, etc.
  2. Orthopedic surgery patients (Road Traffic Accidents, fractures, dislocation, total knee replacement, total hip replacement and shoulder acromioplasty, etc.
  3. Nerve injury patient and patients with different types of paralysis
  4. Patients with degenerative arthropathies, rheumatic diseases, chronic back pain and intervertebral disc lesions.
  5. Patients with postural deformities of the spine (lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis) who need spinal stability by postural correction and therapeutic strengthening exercises
  6. Cardiac and chest patients (stress exercises).
  7. Patients with upper and lower limb amputations.
  8. Inpatients rehabilitation who have different types of surgeries (respiratory exercises to improve breathing, ventilation, postural drainage, general exercises and gait training.
  9. Prenatal and postnatal exercises for women.
  10. Healthy patients can also avail our services that are advised to adjust their work style and are provided with special programs for exercising to increase preventive awareness.

 Instructions for Neck Pain Patients

Instructions for Low Back Pain Patients




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