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Pediatric Endocrine unit at the department of Pediatrics — KHCC Riyadh is relatively a busy unit-. This unit usually deals with all the Pediatrics Endocrine problems, the common as well as the rare ones. Beside childhood diabetes which constitutes 30-40% of patients, another common health problem is the thyroid gland disorder whether the congenital form or the acquired one. Early detection and proper management of both types is positively reflected on the outcome. Another Pediatrics Endocrine problem is the short stature which needs very meticulous approach for proper diagnosis and treatment. Other problems include patients with early or delayed onset of puberty, patients with abnormal (ambiguous) external genitalia and patients with metabolic bone disease.

All these Endocrine diseases are dealt with by a team with long experience in this field using the up-to-date and state of the art techniques and approaches which is reflected positively on the outcome. Our mission in the Endocrine unit is to give the best medical care for the patients.


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