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Gynecology / Laparoscopic Surgeries
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Laparoscopy unit at Kingdom-Hospital-Consulting Clinics is a state-of-the art center dedicated to provide successful laparoscopic surgeries in various disciplines including Gynecology. With the laparoscopy technique, some operations are performed within the abdomen or pelvic cavities through small incisions as compared to the traditional surgical procedures.


there gynecology laparoscopic surgeries..

  • Removed ovarian cyst.
  • Removed uterine fibroid and polyp.
  • Hysterectomy.
  • Tubal ligation.

What is the concept of  laparoscopy?

It consistes of a telescopic rod lens system, that is usually connected to a video camera and a light source to illuminate the operative field.

What are  the advantages of laparoscopic surgeries over open surgeries?

  • Less risks of blood loss
  • Less pain and faster recovery 
  • Shorter length of stay at the hospital
  • Less risk of acquiring contaminants to the internal organs



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