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Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Ob/Gyn Department at KHCC takes great pride in providing top quality care of its patients. Headed by Dr.Rashad G. Haddad, the department deals with the three components of female health care: the treatment of gynecological diseases, the supervision of pregnancy and delivery, and the handling of fertility issues.We have a strong team of physicians with expertise in these various Ob/Gyn focuses, including gynecological oncology, high-risk pregnancy, and ultrasound specialization. With an eye on covering women's health care concerns from all possible aspects. 


The Ob/Gyn departments works in conjunction with the Pain Management Program to offer wholesome treatments for managing the pains of pregnancy and ensure a maximum comfort level up until the post-delivery period.  

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive quality health care for women throughout their reproductive years and beyond. We also aim to be competent, compassionate and responsible practitioners making evidence based decisions.

Antenatal Care Program

Expressed Breast Milk (EBM)


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Gynecology / Laparoscopic Surgeries
Obstetrics including High Risk Pregnancies
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