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The division of Psychiatry at Kingdom Hospital-Consulting Clinics, is dedicated to provide a wide range of services with the best quality of pateint care, through the most modern approaches available in the field.


What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry is concerned with the assessment, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses which aims at improving mental well-being and reliefing mental suffering that are associated with symptoms.


What do we offer?

The division of psychiatry at KHCC offers assessment and treatment programs that ecompasses a full range of psychological, social and biological approaches to the understanding and caring of   people with diorders in the mood, emotion, cognition, perception, memory, intellect and behavior. 

  • Initial Assessment At the first consultation, our consultant in psychiatry will assess the patient's mental and physical conditions by collecting information about him/her , requesting blood tests and medical imaging or by prescribing medications.
  • OutPatient care The psychiatrist will follow-up wih the patient periodically in order to update his assessment, review his/her medications and provide him/her with the appropriate psychotherapy.  



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