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Family Medicine
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Family Medicine is a medical specialty concerned with the promotion of the health of the healthy and the treatment of patients disease is characterized by continuity and comprehensiveness of medical care for all members of society and classes and cares about the individual and the community, to the baby and big, male and female, and cares about human beings body and mind and spirit and meaning of all diseases and is particularly common diseases represent the bulk of the medical reasons for the review.
Is the first line of defense and the first phase in the medical service and represents a cornerstone in the medical system in many countries of the world and offers the so-called (PHC) is intended to ease access and access to medical service and thus reduce the burden on hospitals and other specialties include.
1 / diagnosis of acute and chronic diseases and treatment.
2 / health education.
3 / health promotion.
4 / prevention.
5 / health-related rehabilitation.
6 / home care.
7 / counseling and medical advice.
8 / coordination with other disciplines and transform the patient follow-up and if it summoned.


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